Monday, September 21, 2015

Pamper & Paint Pillow Packages

Sandy’s Land presents the
Pamper & Paint Pillow Parties

Pillow Paint Party                  Pamper & Paint Pillow
$45 per person                          $65 per person
10 person minimum                  6 person minimum
Glitter tattoos & Paint               15 minute massage & Pillow Paint
2 hours                                       3.5 hours

Spa Time Pamper & Paint           Pamper Plus Paint Party       
$115 per person                               $155 per person
4 person minimum                          3 person minimum
Mini Mani & Massage & Paint       Mini Mani, Foot Soak & Paint
3 to 4 hours                                      3 to 4 hours

All parties includes: pillow forms, cases, paints, brushes, rhinestones, cups, and paper towel. Most pillows come with pre-sketched designs. Travel fee may be included if party is 30 minutes pass Northwest Detroit $10 to $20 extra.

Parties that included massages, manicures and or foot soak must be  booked 2 to 4 weeks in advance. A non refundable $100 deposit is required to hold the date. For the Pillow Paint Party package booked MondayThursday get $5 for $40 person. Call 313-492-6953 or email to schedule a Pajama Jam Pillow Paint Party, Girl’s Night Out, Bridal Shower, etc.

Pillow Paint Party

Childhood Friends at the PaJama Jam Pillow Paint Party


Monday, September 7, 2015

2015 Detroit Doll Show

Sandy's Land present
2015 Detroit Doll Show
Saturday, November 14, 2015
Dr. Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
315 E. Warren, Detroit MI 48201
1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
$5 Admission
for ages 3 and up
THEME: Fairytale, Sororities and Pretty Brown Bombshells
(come dressed as your favorite Fairytale character or doll)
Speakers, Hands-on Doll Workshops for Children and Adults, Vendors, Arts & Craft, Doll Look-A-Like Contest (1st, 2nd and 3rd place - doll must be present); Doll Award Presentation, Delicious Food, and Fun Surprises. There will be a select few children authors that will participate as vendors, these books will touch on SELF LOVE and Personal EMPOWERMENT!
Workshop prices are separate from admission
Stay Tuned for Workshops and Vendors
We will be collecting new unwrapped dolls for underpriviledged Girls for the Holiday
Doll Artist/Vendors
Michelle Sapp
Tanya Montegut
LaJeana Kennedy
Jaqueline Cole
April Anue
Natasha Gates
Patricia Coleman-Cobb
Aniqua Janee Wilkerson
Deana Williams
Doll Award Honorees
Dr. Margaret Betts, Doll Collector
Debbie Garrett, Black Doll Expert
Georgette Taylor, Co-Founder of Big Beautiful Dolls, Inc
Toni Grant, CEO of Haus of Swag
2:00 p.m. Doll Workshop
3:00 p.m. Doll Workshop
4:00 p.m. Legacy Award Presentation
5:00 p.m. Doll Look Alike Contest
5:30 p.m. Doll Workshop
Jaqueline Cole Dolls from 2014

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Body Painting for Special Occasions!

Sandy's Land provides Body Painting for Anniversaries, Photo-shoot, Special Events and Grand Openings.
Ladies if you're turning 40, 50, 60, or 70 and would like to add some Fun Memories to your Beautiful Milestone contact Ms. Sandy at 313-492-6953 today. She will conduct a consultation, painting and photo-shoot starting at $75.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dolled Up Party

The Dolled Up Party is all about having fun while "Loving the Skin You're In." Girls will have the opportunity to design their very own Doll to reflect who they are inside and out: joy-filled, beautiful and brilliant. The package will include: 14 Inch bendable soft doll form, Glitter Glam Face Painting, Girl Dance & Chant and Game.

Dolled Up Party Package is for up to 12 Girls. Ages 3 to 10
2.0 Hours $285
* Ms. Sandy will come dressed to impress as the hostess
* Face Painting
* "I'm Beautiful!" Girl Experience
* 1 to 2 Games
* Color Me Beautiful Doll Design

The supplies will include the 14 inch soft doll, markers, paints, a variety of yarn, pom pom, fabric, buttons, rhinestones, glue gun, glue stick, scissors and ribbon for girls to design/dress their dolls. Ms. Sandy the host will provide several glitter glam face painting designs for the girls to choose from. In addition, she will conduct the Color Me Beautiful Doll Design Fun Workshop and Games. Be prepared to have a BLAST!

To book your Dolled Up Party call 313-492-6953.

                                          White Cotton 14 Inch Doll with Movable Limbs.
                                    Before and after photograph of Color Me Beautiful Doll

 Workshop participants with the Color Me Beautiful Doll Workshop at the 2014 Detroit Doll Show

Close up of Color Me Beautiful Living Dolls

Color Me Beautiful Doll Before and After


To add some Exta FUN to the Dolled UP Party include 1 or 2 live Doll Boxes for party participants to take photographs with their Color Me Beautiful finished doll. The fee is $120 for a single keepsake photo.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

10 Tips to Keep Children Safe this Halloween

1.      Parents should always accompany children when they go door-to-door to trick-or-treat. Statistic shows that one in nine parents will allow their child who is five years of age or younger go trick-or-treat without adult supervision. Every child twelve and under should be supervised when going out for Halloween.

2.      Always carry a flashlight and a fully charged cell phone during Halloween or Harvest festivities. Flash lights are good to avoid dark areas, pot holes, and uneven curbs when out walking in the evenings. Of course cell phones are good for an emergency.

3.      Parents should purchase costume without sharp or points on the accessories. Make sure costume with swords, cane or sticks have blunt edges. Costume should not be baggy, extremely long or loose fitted because this can cause injury. Make sure that your child’s costume fits properly, this includes their shoes. And most important, make sure costume is fire resistant. Statistics reveal that there is a 50% increase of accident and injury during Halloween season.

4.      Consider face painting instead of wearing a mask for Harvest or Halloween celebrations. Frontal mask are made with elastic band or two-tie strings to hold mask in place and this allows the mask to move around the face causing obstruction of view. Even more troublesome is a full hood mask that slips over the entire head. These hood mask can be diffult for breathing. When children are out traveling on foot in the dark wearing a mask  does distort their peripheral vision, it's hard to look from left to right or up and down. Majority mask will only allow an individual to see directly in front of them. Consequently, mask can be a dangerous hazard causing children to trip often when walking or unable to see moving cars, etc.

5.      Replace candles with LED lights for lanterns. According to the National Fire Protection Agency over 11, 000 structural fires are caused by candles.

6.      Turn on exterior lights. The more light your home provides this helps children to travel safely along the streets. In addition, more light will ward off trespassers or any form of criminal activity.

7.      Make sure candy is checked first by Police before consumption. Or have your child to participate with a private event such as a Trick or Trunk at a local church or block club event where you trust the individuals hosting the event.
8.      Discuss Safety tips with your child before they go door-to-door or attend Harvest or Halloween festivities.

9.      Make sure your children wear costumes that come with reflectors such as fireman, police officer, construction worker. Or purchase reflectors to stick on their costume.

10.  Become a Halloween Helper and patrol your block while children go door-to-door. Become a Traffic Wand Helper, stand at the corner of your block with a Flash Light or Glow in the Dark Wand to assist children crossing the street. You then become a visible assistant. Dress Up and include teenagers to become Halloween Helpers, this provides a safe presence for children and this deter criminal activity. Instead of handing out candy provide children with fruit snacks, small toy items, school supplies, or books.

Face and Body Painting by Ms. Sandy
Check out this Video for a vew quick tips by Sandra Epps aka Ms. Sandy

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A few 2014 Face Painting Designs

Seven of Sandy's Land 2014 Face Paint Designs
(keep scrolling down the blog page to see additional designs)
Half Tiger

Pink Leopard

Care BEar

Monster (Wide Mouth)

Yellow Eyed Monster

Elmo Head

Cat with Butterfly Wings

Sandy's Land Entertainment provides Face Painting for all ages. Book us for Reunions, Birthday Parties, Back to School Events, Church Functions, Backyard Party and more. Your Guest will Love being Transformed.

$90 for 1 Hour, $130 for 1.5 Hours, $160 for 2 Hours and $210 for 3 Hours. A 50% deposit is required to hold the date. PayPal is a service used to send invoices for deposits. If we meet in person the best location is the Northwest Activity Center. If beyond Northwest Detroit there is a $5 travel fee.

To book your party call 313-492-6953. We look forward to Entertaining at Your Next Event!
Ms. Sandy will come dressed in Colorful Attire to Face Paint.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Glitter & Glam Party Packages

Sandy's Land Travel Entertainment will bring the Glitter Glam to YOU! Girl's Love anything that shine so Keep Calm and Sparkle! Glitter & Glam parties provide Girls the opportunity to express their creativity with the use of glitter. Each project is unique and will become a personal masterpiece of bling. Sandy's Land will need 15 to 30 minutes prior to set up. Check out the party packages listed and we can customize a Glitter Glam party for all ages.  

 Shower with Sparkle
1.5 Hours for up to 12 Guest $195
*Party Host
*Henna Tattoo
*Glam your Glass
*Small Gift for each Guest
*Girl Talk Activity

Each guest will be provided a round glass to create a candle holder or Girly Glitz drinking glass. Supplies will include glitter, glass, glue, q-tips, paint brush, sponges, tape, krylon uv-resistant clear acrylic coating. It is $15 each additional guest.

Love to SHINE, Glitter & Glam
2 Hours for up to 12 Guest $240
*Party Host
*Face Paint
*Bling your Canvas Arts & Craft
*Small Cake
*Table Decor
* Gift for Honoree
*Small gift for each guest
*Girl Fortune Activity

Each guest will receive a 12 X 12 Canvas. Design options are I (heart) me, large heart with swirls or blank canvas for Girls to Go Glitter WILD with their artistic expression. Supplies will include 5 to 12 different shades of glitter, glue, sponges, brushes, rhinestones, script paints and letter stencils. Face Paints designs will include shimmer tones, glitter and rhinestone. It is $15 each additional guest. Chair covers, sash and carpet included.

Glitter & Glam Fashionista
2.5 Hours for up to 12 Guest $270
*Party Host
*T-shirt Creative Piece
*Face Paint, Henna or Glitter Tattoos
*Table Decor
*Small Gift for each guest
* 1 Game
*Girl Fortune Activity

Each guest will receive a white tee shirt in their size. Sandy's Land must receive proper size in writing two weeks prior to the scheduled party date. Supplies will include fabric paints, scissors, ribbon, wax paper, glitter, glue, and rhinestones. For the wearable body art there is a choice of Face Paint, Henna or Glitter Tattoos but not all of the above. You must make the decision when booking the party of which form of wearable body art. An additional $60 fee is added if you prefer two forms of  wearable body art, for example, Face Paint and Glitter Tattoos. Party will also include pink chair covers, sash, and carpet. It is $20 each additional guest.

Call 313-492-6953 to customize your party package or schedule a booking today. All parties require a deposit. A travel fee will be added if party location is beyond 20 or more from Northwest Detroit (Meyers & Six Mile).